In early September we were approached by one of our long-term commercial clients to see if we could complete and finish 6 unique projects before year’s end. They had unused capital funds for 2023 and needed to have the projects completed and billed by year’s end. To add to the challenge, we hadn’t been issued design documents or had budgets issued for each project. RPM Builders accepted the challenge, knowing that with our vast experience in the senior living industry and and our deep well of qualified subcontractors we could accomplish the project goals by the due date and on budget. We are proud to report that all the projects were completed before year’s end and within budget.

Residence Dining:

This project was scheduled strategically to minimize downtime for residents. We replaced flooring throughout the dining area, including tile, LVT, and carpet. We added new wallcoverings, paint, cladding, cabinetry hardware and trim throughout the dining room. We started 12/9 and worked overnights and weekends to finish the project by the following Monday (12/18)

New Flooring

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Lodge Activities room:

While smaller in sheer size, this part of the project stretched us as we tasked with complete remodel of an actively used arts and crafts room. Our project management, procurement, and design skills were complemented by our carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and painters who all had to work in sync to complete the project on time. We added a complete new kitchenette to the space, including appliances, farm sink, closet doors, wainscoting, wall coverings, new soffits and new ceiling grid, upgraded lighting and new flooring. The project was started 11/6 and completed 12/28.

New lighting

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Lodge Common Carpet and Flooring:

This part of the project provided us the opportunity to demonstrate our skill at sourcing materials efficiently in order to keep projects on time. We were asked to replace roughly 15,000 sq/ft of carpeting on three floors of a senior residential facility, all while minimizing impacts to residents and staff. Our procurement team handled the custom dye lots needed for the project, and we were able to manage the submission of samples to the client and manufacturer, management and storage of carpeting, and then final delivery so our sub-contractors could install with minimal impact to the residents, even in high traffic areas such as elevators and lobbies. In this part of the project we also added 3000 sq/ft of LVT to lobby areas and common restrooms. We started 11/18/23 and completed all three floors by 12/17/23.


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BRC Villa:

The largest of this series of projects consisted of a complete remodel of roughly 20,000 sq/ft of space in the lobby, staff offices, corridors, great room, rotunda and mail room of the 1st floor. We removed and installed new wall coverings and paint throughout the project area. Six unique carpet and flooring types were installed in different areas of the project, with some requiring custom dye lots. We installed new lighting, new cladding, millwork, fretwork throughout the common areas. We also designed and installed a new backsplash for the great room bar. RPM coordinated our work schedule so any work was completed without impacting the fragile residents  in the assisted living areas. Work started 10/9 and we had approval to finish by 1/31, but instead completed the project by 12/29 despite delays with material shortages and multiple revisions and change orders. 

Octagonal flooring

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The LF property:

We needed to demo and install 5000sq/ft of carpet on a second story of the property in common areas while causing minimal impacts to residents and staff. We started the project on Sunday 9/24 and had the project completed by Thursday 9/28 with rave reviews from staff, residents and our clients.

Lodge Common Areas:

We were asked to refurbish and remodel wall coverings in the1st floor common hallways, atrium, lobby, dining lobby and theatre lobby. We removed all existing wall coverings, then mudded and textured the walls and repainted them to spec. Mid-project a change order had us also refinishing and painting the ceilings and soffits. This project proved extremely challenging because of the high level of resident and staff traffic and many small details throughout that needed to be perfect. Our gratitude goes out to our excellent sub-contractors for their beautiful and efficient work on this part of the project. We minimized impact to residents and staff during this time by working off peak hours to get the job done. Work started 10/23 and wrapped up 11/8