Why RPM?

What Makes RPM Builders Inc.  So Special?

There are builders across the country who do a great job at what they do best-using their skills and expertise to build well-constructed homes that are, in most cases, a lifelong dream for its owners.

But when it comes right down to it, what makes RPM Builders Inc. a better home builder than the rest?

Your Dream Home Come True

Although RPM Builders Inc. is typically known for a certain style of home (their niche is 3000 to 5000 square foot homes), they’re dedicated to building homes that meet their customer’s exact specifications. How do they do this? “We write a set of specs for each individual customer. ” says owner Ryan Morrissey. RPM Builders Inc. also uses 3D imaging software. This allows their customers to see their plan in 2D or 3D views. This especially benefits customers who lack visualization skills.

Fast To Market

Compared to other builders, RPM Builders Inc. excels at speed to market. “We are capable of taking our customers from an initial meeting to a completed custom design to a full priced-out project in less than 4 weeks,”. Normally, this process can take many months. And when asked how long it typically takes to build a new home? owner Ryan replied, “Typically only 6-7 months.”

Superior Customer Service

Because at the end of the day, customers remember how they were treated, RPM Builders Inc. strives to over deliver on all promises made. Ryan recently put it this way, “We know what to promise and what not to. We do what we say we are going to do and if we make a mistake, we own up to that mistake.” In addition, RPM Builders Inc. does a customer survey at the closing of every project, and consistently achieves high ratings. “This is a tight company. We know our customers well and place all of our efforts on achieving their satisfaction. We concentrate on making sure they are treated fairly in all situations.”

Anticipating Customer’s Every Need

RPM Builders Inc. has the unique ability to get inside the mind of their customer and anticipate their needs before they even know what they want. How do they do this? RPM Builders Inc. has been in the business for 3 years. We have spent a lot of time asking customers about their expectations and determining if they are the right builder for them. On account of this, RPM Builders Inc. are pros at determining what their customers want and don’t want-all of this while balancing their customer’s allotted budget.

Flexible Payment Options

Another area that makes RPM Builders Inc. very different is their flexible payment options. If they determine they are a good match for a prospect, they will offer to do their design and pricing without any down payment. RPM Builders Inc. believes in earning the business especially if they feel like they can meet their customer’s expectations.

The Latest Building Techniques

RPM Builders Inc. always tries to stay abreast of new products and technologies. Ryan recently put it this way, “I love to learn and try new things.”

Hiring, Supervising, Subcontractors ¦ RPM Builders Inc. Manages It All

When you hire RPM Builders Inc., you can rest assured you will not get passed off from one person to the next. RPM Builders Inc. RPM Builders Inc. hires all the subcontractors (Some of which he has worked with for over 15 years). “I build each home, no superintendent. I work directly with each customer and make sure they go to closing with an experience that exceeds their expectations,” says Ryan.

Turn Your Dream Home Into Reality With RPM Builders Inc.

Are you ready to build your dream home? Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to help you Design and Build that perfect home….Just For You!


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