Outdoor Kitchen/Cabana

Americans are spending more time outdoors, cooking and relaxing — making outdoor kitchens and cabanas a fast growing trend. Spending on backyard enhancements has nearly quadrupled in the last decade.

RPM Builders Inc. has been busy helping its clients design inviting outdoor kitchens and cabanas that add style and comfort to their backyards while adding extra space for family and friends to relax and unwind. We offer custom designs built to your specifications, with high-quality workmanship. If you have limited indoor space, entertaining outdoors is the perfect solution — especially when all of the comforts of home have been brought outdoors!

Designed correctly, your outdoor space can be used year round. We work with you on every detail to design an outside entertainment area that fits the way you live and play. From built in BBQ grill, sinks and countertops to a cabana with a fireplace, bar, seating and media – your lifestyle and budget become our top considerations. Importantly, our outdoor experts will create a plan that considers your electric, gas and plumbing requirements; materials that will survive the summer heat and humidity; and the proper positioning of structures to ensure maximum shade and rain protection. Building outside requires specialized experience to create a lasting addition with minimal maintenance in the years to come. In addition, our designers can work with you to seamlessly integrate your outdoor kitchen or cabana with an existing hot tub, swimming pool or wood deck.

Outdoor kitchens and cabanas can be simple or elaborate. The price tag can vary widely as well.¬†RPM Builders Inc. starts with your “wish list” and budget to propose design options that maximize the value of every dollar spent. Once we have an approved plan, we strive to complete your project as quickly as possible – so that you can begin enjoying your new outdoor kitchen or cabana as soon as possible!

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